Luxury Limousines of Melbourne

Corporate events can take business people and partners across the country or around the world. Hailing cabs can be very problematic when you need to get to a train station or an airport to receive your business clients. Booking a luxury limo service would be a great foot to put forward in welcoming these esteemed guests. Limo service will meet them at the gate and take them wherever they wish to go, including sight-seeing during their leisure time.
You need to make the best impression at corporate events. Hiring a limo will help you and your attendees get around these events with class and importance. You will be transported around the town by professionally trained drivers who will help load and unload luggage, etc. Nothing says ‘I am Important’ more than arriving in a classy and beautiful limo.
Your VIPs and corporate guests are travelling for business does not mean they don’t get to relax. A luxury limo will allow them to sit back and relax, listen to music, and share some glasses of drinks once they are picked up door-to-door by a limo, thereby eliminating any stress they might feel. These limos are always well-oiled and maintained.
Drivers of such luxury limos are extremely courteous and professional; they know the best routes and shortcuts throughout the city and are aware of all travel and car issues, thus making sure your business partners reach the venue according to schedule and safely. The VIPs won’t have to worry about the travel time and facing heavy traffic at all!

Private Limo services for VIPs and corporate guests

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There are only a few moments in life that are special. Apart from meeting your loved one or getting to see your children for the first time, your child’s prom or wedding are some other noteworthy memories. A good limo service will ensure that your private event is memorable for years to come like Chauffer Live. 
For a high school prom, a young man or woman would usually want to impress their dates. Hiring a limo shows that your child’s date is important enough for this luxurious vehicle. Hiring a limo validates the idea behind prom; it makes sure your child’s evening feels magical and special. It is a good way to ensure that your kids don’t go anywhere else after the prom and make sure they are safe.
The idea of riding a limo is fun. These cars are equipped with the latest entertainment and sound systems. Your kid can arrive and leave the prom in style and show and will appreciate this ride more than you can imagine. As a parent, you will not have to change your daily schedule according to prom. Your kid’s journey and experiences are more than just safe in the capable hands of the experienced limo drivers.
A wedding is a life-changing experience for both the bride and the groom. They must take dozens of decisions in a day, right from food and music to transportation and linens. While transportation is not the first thing that comes to their minds, it is certainly the element of the day. If you are planning a wedding, hiring a luxury limousine will certainly spice up your event.
Considering the fact that brides need an ample amount of space, limos can offer spacious rides to her for the bridal party. There is a smaller chance of the dress wrinkling than it would in a smaller car, thanks to the room available for the dresses, veils, etc. Also, keeping in mind after hours of driving from photo shoots to venues, little amenities like a good sound system, bar, mini fridges, air conditioning and internet access can make her day a little less tiring.
Limos are also very cost effective as compared to other modes of travel because a single limo can accommodate a bridal party of more than 12 people, thereby saving you the transportation costs of hiring taxis for 12 people. But, beyond convenience, comfort and affordability, you will arrive at your wedding in class. These are just some of the perks of hiring a limo for your special day!

Best Limo service recommendations

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Some of the best limo recommendations in Melbourne are Chauffer Live, Exotica, Six Star Limousines, and Urban Chauffeur Cars.
Chauffer Live offer you car options ranging from Porsche Cayenne limo to the newly launched Mercedes Benz E-Class stretch limousine. This company has established itself as the best Porsche and Mercedes limo hire all over Australia.
Six Star Limousines offers you exclusive packages for various events like parties, weddings, ceremonies, and prom nights in Melbourne. With a fleet of luxurious cars, their customers get to experience the ultimate luxury.
These Limo services are dedicated companies that offer you the highest quality of chauffeur services and cars. It does not matter if you are hiring them for a corporate gathering or a wedding, they will transport you all over Melbourne in comfort and style.

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